3 Reasons For The Summer In Val Gardena

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Stunning Natural Beauty

Nestled in the heart of the Dolomites, Val Gardena offers breathtaking views of towering peaks, lush meadows, and charming villages. The Dolomites are a UNESCO World Heritage site and a fantastic place for hiking tours and vie ferrate. The local mountains of Seceda and Alpe di Siusi, both offer fantastic views. The combination of rugged mountains, vibrant flora, and crystal-clear streams creates a captivating environment that will leave lasting impression on you.





Rich On Culture And Tradition

Val Gardena is deeply rooted in its rich culture and centuries-old traditions. The Ladin heritage of the region is celebrated through traditional festivals, music, and art, offering visitors a glimpse into the local way of life. The craftsmanship of woodcarving, for which Val Gardena is famous, can be seen in intricately carved sculptures and beautiful wooden architecture. Exploring the charming villages of Ortisei, Selva, and Santa Cristina allows tourists to immerse themselves in the local culture, savor traditional cuisine, and experience warm South Tyrolean hospitality.



Outdoor Activities

Hiking trails crisscross the valley and its surrounding mountains, allowing visitors to explore the pristine alpine wilderness. Mountain biking, rock climbing, via ferrata routes, paragliding, and golfing are just a few of the exciting options available. For children, there are many playgrounds, the Pana Raida is a nice adventure trail with many stations, and the Col de Flam Adventure Park offers high ropes and a fly line. Moreover, tennis courts and a swimming pool with interior and exterior pools are nearby.


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